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  • Marketing your website!

    There are many ways to legal and illegal market your online business. And want to tell some of them I use to use and still use to mention them here !

    First of all I mention the legal and illegal part. What do I mean with it is the following. If you happen to mention your website name on TV then it is maybe official illegal but a great way if used correct to get more attention to your website and / or business.
    But normal you will do it the legal way, like advertising on places where you can advertise (Paid of free)

    And there are plenty places to do so. Here are a few legal places I used to use myself:
    • Local ads (Most of them are free, sometimes not.)
    • Ebay or any other sales website (Yes, you can advertise there in a legal way if you place your website for sale (Even if you do not want to :-) Maybe semi legal ) Simple place a to big number there as sales price (Or that if you sell it you are happy, and make sure you place a link. Then you do a legal sale if it gets sold, but get traffic from the link anyway.
    • Ask around for people to help your business / website. In this way you also get free advertising and the help you need.
    • Email marketing
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    In above way you get legal ways to advertise. And it can make the differences between success or not !

    And then the illegal ways to do !
    • Request on websites what that you need (or not) but with mention of your link to your website.
    So far a few tips. If you have some then mention them here as well ! Simple register and join the conversation.