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Ads.txt in Shopify Shop (Adsense)

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  • Ads.txt in Shopify Shop (Adsense)

    Many people have a problem to add ads.txt in shopify shop where it is actual pretty simple to do so. Do the following :
    1. Login to your admin of your shop in shopify.
    2. Click on settings in left menu,
    3. Click on Files. (Middle column 4 of top)
    4. Click on upload.
    5. Create a ads.txt file as DIRECTED BY GOOGLE.
    6. Upload that file and copy LINK from it. (Under URL) You need that in next step.
    7. Click in left menu on Online Store.
    8. Click on Navigation.
    9. Click on URL Redirects (Left above under Navigation)
    10. Click on Create URL redirect
    11. Place text /ads.txt in Redirect from
    12. Copy Link from POINT 6 on Redirect to
    13. Your done. Wait a few days and adsense will approve your website again.